Meros Cryptocurrency

Meros is an entirely new cryptocurrency, specifically designed to enable secure payments between anyone, anywhere. Meros provides superior tech for a truly feasible currency, focusing only on elements that improve the currency itself.

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Meros’s transactions are confirmed outside of Blocks. As soon as you send a transaction, the miners vote and fully confirm it within seconds.


Meros doesn’t use monetary fees. Do a few math problems to prove your transaction isn’t spam, and it’s submitted to the network.


Meros isn’t owned by any foundation or corporation. Anyone can start mining the blockchain via our CPU-only algorithm.


You never have to trust others. Every transaction can be fully audited and verified on your own.


Bitcoin is not meant for payments, and the other cryptocurrencies which are meant for payment are not fast enough, don't support second-layer solutions, and/or are not sufficiently secure.

Meros was built with the idea that a truly digital currency must be:

  1. Instant: With DAGs existing, block times are pointless. If you can get block times down to a few seconds, there may not be an effective difference, but why settle for less when more is right there?
  2. Feeless: Fees make currency inaccessible, even with fees that are as low as $0.05 USD. In June of 2018, that would’ve been 4.4% of Venezuela’s monthly minimum wage.
  3. Decentralized: Central authorities, whether it be a singular monolithic party, a coalition of 5, or an elected group of 15, do not empower the individual. The individual being able to verify, produce, and approve (if they’re a miner) transactions on their own empowers them.
  4. Scalable: If a cryptocurrency only gets a single transaction per second, it doesn’t matter if it can theoretically handle 1000. There must be a flexible first layer that allows proper scaling as usage increases, but doesn’t focus on having a high TPS solely to have a high TPS.

Meros is instant and feeless, with all transactions and verifications happening on our DAG, yet secured via a proof-of-work blockchain which is mined to earn voting weight and newly minted Meros. Anyone can step up and start producing blocks, and pools can pay out a single block's voting weight to multiple people, reducing their threat level to the network.